English Language.

Individual or group lessons?

Before paying for your language course, check your teacher’s qualifications. Students should check that their teacher has a Masters Degree in ESOL, a CELTA or a DELTA. These are the recognised qualifications to teach English as a foreign language. If you were ill you would not visit the baker, butcher or shop assistant to diagnose your influenza, so why would you go to an unqualified teacher?

Individual lessons can accelerate learning, specifically if you have existing problems with your language learning, have a specific goal or objectives. If you are short on time, definitely book individual lessons, ask your teacher if your objectives are realists and study OUTSIDE the class. Sadly, the teacher doesn’t have a microchip, to transfer their mother tongue English, you need to work in and outside the lessons. Sassari&Alghero English deliver individual results, quickly, with individual lessons.Individual lessons are ideal for learners who lack confidence and need to feel secure, providing they trust the teacher.

Group Lessons can improve confidence and help students listen to different accents. Group lessons are great if all the learners have the same objectives and allow for a lot of creativity. Groups can work well the class are close. Groups of learners can help each other on the English Language journey and going for coffee after class, helps to strengthen the boys between learners. The stronger the bond, the better the class. Groups allow for more activities and scope for learning. Groups are ideal for students of the same level, or who work in the same industry.

A good teacher should be able to recommend free resources to help with your English journey and should have a variety of methods for teaching. Translating from your mother tongue to English is generally discouraged. Translating slows the learning process and stops the brain from learning chunks of language. Communicative strategies are accepted as the best way to learn and process grammar and vocabulary, with the emphasis on fluency. If your teacher is using Italian in the lesson, they are probably unqualified, inexperienced or uncertain of English grammar. The approved method of teaching for Trinity and Cambridge exams, is a total immersion approach.

Ask thelastwordincopy@gmail.com for an entry test and discuss which option is best for you, group or individual lessons.




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