The Dog Days are Over:Walking into Autumn.

woman beside dog walking in the forest under tall trees at daytime

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Autumn has rolled in and dogs are perking up everywhere, after a record scorching Summer. Tails are wagging us into the new season and its important that we understand our canine friends needs, as the days get colder and darker and the walks get more beautiful with red and gold burnished leaves.  The streets are no longer retaining the hot Summer heat, which is great news for people wanting to road walk their pups. Road walking is a great way of keeping long nails at bay. Cutting the nails however will help the quick grow further back, enabling the nails to regularly be cut back and promoting good health.

As a dog owner you check and brush your dog regularly, smooth or curly coat, to help remove the dead fur and to bring the blood to the surface. This helps promote a good shiny coat. It is harvest mite season, so be on the lookout for the little reddish mites and contact your vet if you suspect your dog has unwittingly offered them a free ride. Likewise, it has been a busy year for ticks too.

Your dog groomer should be health checking every dog and assesing their health and temperament, if your dog has been injured or is suffering from more creaky bones this year, be sure to keep them in the loop. The crunchy red and gold leaves of Autumn are irresistible to dogs and their walkers.  All that dashing around in the cooler weather and crunching the leaves under- paw can make our canine companion’s coats hard work. Their coats are changing naturally and the use of the dreaded central heating can cause a shedathon in your home. Regular bath and blasts between full grooms will help their coat conditions and save your carpets and flooring. We might all love Flossy the bouncy labrador, but we would rather not be finding clumps of her coat in the hallway. Bruno the Basset Hound may be an old smoothy, but he might start to aquire that “doggy smell” which as dog owners we are immune to and dinner guests are highly tuned to noticing, as are estate agents, competitive parents and cat owners. Dogs skin maybe drying out with the change in environment and for that Hair of the Dog UK has a number of body treatments to slough off dead skin cells and promote healthy fur growth.

If you have any enquries about your dog or for a full treatment list please contact Hair of the Dog Coggeshall through Facebook.


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