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About The Only Way is Espana.

An Essex girl and her champ fly fisherman brother, meet up in Hungary. They have a broken vehicle and a set of tryes. Between them they will go on a philanthropic voyage in pursuit of anything unrelated to British winters. It will be a journey of border crossing, suspension of disbelief and the down right ridiculous.

I have been going to the same gym on and off for two decades. Whenever I have been home, I have had rapturous unsustainable , passionate relationships with the gym and other times meaningless flirtations, until my leisure time was … Continue reading

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The refuge of kindness.

I work as an ESOL tutor. I teach English to students of other languages. I have had the joy of teaching all over the world. I returned to the U.K after many years ,as a temporary stopgap. I was waiting … Continue reading

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The mud match.

I am from a strange part of the East Anglia, it is divided between those whom actually need a 4×4 to navigate the muddy backroads and the who buy lowered white Land Rovers, that have never seen a speck of … Continue reading

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English Language.

Individual or group lessons? Before paying for your language course, check your teacher’s qualifications. Students should check that their teacher has a Masters Degree in ESOL, a CELTA or a DELTA. These are the recognised qualifications to teach English as … Continue reading

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Cant see the wood for the trees.

A trip to the National Park with my family seemed like an idyllic way to spend an afternoon. The fresh smell of the pine forests after rain, the earthy soil trudged down by centuries of animals and walkers. What better … Continue reading

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Help yourself to help the homeless

It was the coldest night of the year, in the UK, it was shiver factor ten, which translated into Sardinian language, meant you needed an overcoat and maybe a scarf. My mother had caught the bug that seemed to have … Continue reading

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Thats Amore!

After an evenings walk along the sea wall, I encountered the same fishermen as always. They sit by the bus stop with their bait boxes and nod and utter gruff words to one another, as if each fisherman doesn’t really … Continue reading

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