One fly fisherman and his…

T.O.W.I.E – The Only Way is Espana. One Essex girl’s attempt to head for the Med and escape the factory outlet January sales.

One fly fisherman and his wandering sister set out on a trip to Spain.

So first things first. For a road trip simply take one working vehicle, a SAT NAV and a stereo. We start in Eastern Europe, so let’s face it we are lucky if the stereo hasn’t been taken already. Currently, the vehicle has no wheels, so I shall be flying out with a suitcase of impractical shoes and a couple of tyres for a 4X4. Its not quite the matching luxe luggage set I dream of at night, granted. We have no idea really where we are going, except to the South of Spain, how long we might be there for, or indeed what I will actually do if we do get there. It does however promise to be a ripper of a trip, if my sejourn to Hungary was any kind of measuring stick. We shan’t be watching Hungarians disembowel pigs on A frames, which will be a relief for the vegetarian brother. I fully intend to get to a bull fight, if I am not felled by a shower of organic potatoes, in a bid by the bro to make me more eco concious. Its fair to say, we don’t know what the hell we are doing, where the hell we are going, but it will be a hell of a laugh. So the first stop will be Budapest, to get the wheels on the Discovery and discover the open road or at least the dark winding roads to the depths of the Hungarian countryside. All I know is the car doesn’t work after my brother took it for a spin around the woods at night.I suspect it might have been carrying night time boar hunters, but I cant be sure. I shall be popping back to Lathohegy to check that all is in order ( lie alert!!! Actually more like standing around the vehicle feigning understanding, whilst my brother fixes the nocturnally bruised 4X4). Then we shall make ready for a trip to Spain. We shall be using a mixture of my brothers finely honed Hunglish, Italian plus some international hand language and finally putting my rusty Spanish to the test. My brother and I will mainly be communicating in English. I will use my usual Essex accent ( it only goes posh in The States) and he will be speaking in his usual Kiwi English. So fare thee well Britain, we are off to discover whats going on in Italy and Spain these days.


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